Economic Inequality and the American Dream

08/31/2018 The Education System

While sitting in class on a Friday at 9 am is not the most ideal situation for most people, I took a lot of information away from that said class. Having Naomi dela Tour skype the class all the way from England, really showcased how broadcasted the American education system is to the outside world and how sheltered we are from the outside worlds education system.

Naomi had us explain the American education system, while two other classmates explained the systems from Ireland and England. While we continued class after these explanations, I kept coming back to one simple thought: The American education system is one of the most unpersonalized systems out there. In England and Ireland, they have more freedom to take courses they want to take and to get on a track possibly 3-4 years before American children do. Due to having a track early on, most of these kids become more motivated to learn since they are doing what they are interested in. While that is the case in England and Ireland, in America, from the time you enter Kindergarten to the time you leave high school, you are learning the same subjects and often times the same material, just more advanced. In my opinion, this has led to more dropouts or less continuation of education. Kids in America are tired of learning the same things and have no motivation to continue.

To sum up all that was said above, due to being exposed to other education systems besides Americas’,  I believe that America needs to personalize the education system. With personalization, kids will be more motivated to continue their education and pursue riskier job industries then just the basic cubicle job. Hopefully one day the education system will nurture and expand a childs mind instead of molding it to fit a standard.

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