Economic Inequality and the American Dream

Lack of Funding: The Cause of the Brazil Museum Fire?

While this may not be about wealth and inequality in America it is vital to me to write about this topic.

On September 2nd the National Museum of Brazil burned to the ground while many watched. Millions of priceless artifacts were lost, including one of the oldest skeletons every found in the Americas. What was the cause of this fire? Loose wires and ignored fire protocol? While it was these things that caused the fire the main cause was the lack of money going into the museum.

The National Museum of Brazil had been needing a massive renovation for many years before the fire. However, there was so little funding going into the museum that not even loose wires could be fixed. While the staff tried to do whatever they could to fix things, it still ended in disaster.

This massive and devastating fire broke Brazils heart and shown a light on the financial problems in the country. Many are demanding action and explanation for what happened and why the museum was not being funded or fixed properly. While many hope for answers, one thing is for sure: museums and other types of educational institutions can not be forgotten when it comes to funding. The Brazil fire has shown what happens when they are forgotten.

Hopefully one day in the future the Brazil Musuem will be rebuilt and new artifacts can be placed. However, none of that will happen without answers on why it was not getting the money for repairs and it most definitely will not happen until the government intervenes and helps with funding.


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  • Steven Greenlaw

    How important is understanding of the past to a culture? How might that affect how people feel about economic inequality? Does lack of understanding make those feelings better or worse?

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