Economic Inequality and the American Dream

Physical Health in the Labor Market

The article I read on the causes of inequality talked about physical health and employers willingness to hire people in relatively “bad” health. It explained that people in relatively good health and/or are very active, are more likely to make more money than those in “poor” health. Employees see who is in good health or not and know that if they take the healthier people they will last longer in the job and not need to use the health insurance as much. Where as if the potential hire is in bad health they have to take into account that the person may or may not be using the company to get better health insurance.

The article also mentioned that a lot of the health factors come down to the potential hire themself. More often than not healthier people are more apt to be motivated to find a better job, while those in relatively poor health may not be motivated or are to busy taking care of their health to have the motivation to try for a higher paying job. They want something that can cover their bills.

Relativly this was a good article but it was very apparent that there was some type of bias involved with the writer because he was arguing on someone else’s topic.


  • Natalie

    Sounds like an interesting article…I’d never thought about this before. There are laws protecting disabled people from discrimination by employers, but those wouldn’t cover people in poor health. Makes me wonder how often people in bad health are passed over for jobs , even if they are qualified.

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