Economic Inequality and the American Dream

Social Media’s impact on the American Dream

While discussing the American Dream now a days you have to take social media into consideration. The social media platforms of today have shaped many young peoples minds and how they think their future should be.

Many young people see social media “influencers” with their fancy cars and houses and name brand clothing and think that that is the American Dream. That having all these material items is the only way to be happy in America, because if you do not have them you are never going to do anything in life. What these young people fail to realize is that the influencers make everything seem easy when its really not. You have to have ambition and courage to get anywhere in life. These people fail to realize that not everyone believes that “being successful and filling the American Dream” is about being super rich and buying all the luxury items you can think of. For the majority of people it is about living comfortably and having a house and a family. The material items are not everything because if those are taken away people will get over it, where as if a family or happiness is taken away, the sadness can last a lifetime.

In conclusion, social media has developed the American Dream into a materialistic one instead of one about aspirations and happiness. It has created a younger generation that is shallower and not as willing to put in work for a dream but instead expecting it to just happen.

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  • Steven Greenlaw

    Interesting hypothesis, but is there any evidence to support it? The American Dream had turned materialist before the advent of social media. But is that what the majority of Americans believe?

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