Economic Inequality and the American Dream

The Historic Preservation Fund

The Historic Preservation fund is a topic that has been covered in my historic preservation class for the past several weeks. The fund is given out to the State and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO/THPO) for basic needs such as materials, training, and nominations for the National Register. However, as I was learning about this fund I noticed a great deal of inequality in the basic requirements to receive this money.

The big problem with the Historic Preservation fund is that it is a $1 : $1 ratio where for every dollar a SHPO or THPO require they have to raise that same amount themselves that the Historic Preservation fund is giving them. This allows for there to be more money in the situation. However, what if it is a small state with a small SHPO or a recognized tribe with no money. The Historic Preservation fund does not allow these people and organizations any type of lee way on money. These areas will essentially not get the money they need and their historic sites or contents will be destroyed or not kept up to good standards.

While in many ways the Historic Preservation fund is essential and helpful to SHPO’s and THPO’s, it does hurt them as well. If it is not a big office or a big tribe the less money you have and the less money you will get and that is completely unfair. Due to this, this will end up with essential historic sites being destroyed by age and most importantly development.

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