Are museums leading to inequality?

Over the past several days I have been reading articles about museums and rising admission prices. The biggest example of this is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York deciding to raise its entrance fees. For a long time the Met has had a “pay what you can” admission system allowing everyone to be able to access the museum for however much they could afford. This meant that kids from poorer areas and families of low incomes could visit the museum without a concern for spending to much money. The kids would be able to get a broader view on art and enhance their education. However, because of a budget deficit and recent plans for renovations to the building the Met has had to change their admission policy to a standard $25 charge. Many have claimed that this is very expensive and is limiting the certain types of people that will be going to the museum. Lower income people will find it harder to pay the fee and will eventually not go. This leads to kids not being able to expand their knowledge and eventually not having resources, besides school, to learn. While there have not been any studies conducted yet about this new admission fee, in the future it will most likely diminish the amount of people who go to the Met and the expansion of knowledge for kids in lower income areas and families.

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